Commuter’s Life

Exercise is one of the core aspect of a healthy lifestyle. Recommendations are 30-60 mins of moderate intensity exercise for 5 days or 150 minutes of exercise in a week (Bickley & Szilagyi, 2017).

Today at 8:17 am, am waiting for my 8:24 busride and this is my view…

5BEC536B-1213-4643-9A1E-8DDBD7AF65DF.jpeg These plant palette use to be healthy and I wonder, did somebody forgot to water these plants or just because it is summee time. Weird it might be, commuting by bus, chariot, train (bart or caltrain) does NOT stress me unless I need to be where I needed to be. For me, the only advantage of driving is flexibility in going places. ADVANTAGES of commuting: Less car mileage, no tolls, can read, write (duable but might be a bit challenging) , listen to music with gusto, and sleep. Plus most beneficial of all is being able to  exercise by walking or biking.