DMV visit – hayward

Frustration…two months ago, I visited DMV to apply for a replacement card for my lost driver’s license. My fault that I did not read the information on mode of payments accepted. ONLY DEBIT, CASH, & CHECK ACCEPTED. NO CREDIT CARDS. This is given and was told by a dmv staff to come back if I got the cash. I went home come back and ask the lady in booth #14 if I can pay for it. She said wait to be seated so I did (with a GRUMPY & MEAN Look). I waited for 30 minutes and have been watching her. I noticed that there are lag times that there no people around her booth. I felt that it is such an inconsiderate and basically, bad customer service.. Now, it is of no surprise that people get BALLISTIC with this kind of service!

My second visit is today. All was running smooth until again I went to the booth # 15 (I saw my favorite staff of booth #14) with a different staff, now a guy. Since, I did not write down by driver’s license # & I did not memorize it because I know that they have me in system. What makes me angry was comments like “you should memorize your driver’s license”, “you should have your passport”. So I am literally in front of him, does it mean I have to go back home and get back my passport? Very inconsiderate, only to find out that he search my name and I have a picture on their system. My point is I lost my wallet including all important cards, why make it difficult for people like myself to establish my identification when they have the technology to identify me through their so called sophisticated Program with my picture on it, and they can always ask my socia and date of birth.

Bottom line is be forewarned that Customer service maybe close to non-existent. Now, am making a copy of all my IDs. For lost ID’s and Driver’s license, bring all identifications (original is better but a copy is a good alternative) to your scheduled appointment for regular replacement card. Bring cash (around 50 just in case, although, I paid only $28), check, or debit card.

A new mandate is to have a REAL ID to fly in the US by 2020″ For the requirements see the DMV website.

I’ll add photo’s later…