San Leandro Community Library

The San Leandro Community Library…for students and voracious readers.

MY 2nd FIRST VISITS OF THE DAY: SAN LEANDRO PUBLIC LIBRARY (SLPH) for an intensive study time. I have a whole book that I need to finish at the end of this week. So far, I was able to finish the other half of chapter 7…basically, 800 pages more to go…HUH? This is what I get for PROCRASTINATING…I wish I have superpowers for fast eye coordination and fast long term retention. I found a good spot for studying, with mind you, a very important requirement, charging outlet for my phone and kindle. I have simple joys in life, I am not as critical to things that does not directly relate to my personal issues. I find SLPH a good place to hang out whether as a past time or a more focused learning.

My study table and view at the library and I can even raise my legs up.