The reason…Part 1

My story, my dilemma, my struggles, and my situation is not unique and could be the same as millions of people in this planet. I am not proficient or well versed with the English language, so if you find any imperfections with my writing, feel free to give me a buzz and I’ll gladly take it. Here I am, writing something that is so personal and I do not know what is my end goal of doing this…thus I am in a very conflicted state and this BLOG is my other form of escape.

I am on a downward spiral and this state is a culmination of my choices, my reaction, my habits, and my personality. I used to be able to handle my DUAL PERSONA. The SWITCH that I have become accustomed to is now creating huge cracks on my well constructed life. On the outset including work and friends, my ON- switch, I am a person who projects the nice girl aura, optimistic, easy to get a long with, accommodating, and enjoys to problem solve. On the inset, my personal life, my OFF-switch, my laundry is piling up, my house is in total disarray, my backyard has grown weeds, and I can sleep or read my romance novel, one book after another on days end. My laziness and my reading has become my escape to what confronts me with the “REALITIES OF MY LIFE”.

Preciouse-Books is one source of my escape..where I can read my Tagalog e-book romance novels.